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1. CNKI Introduction

CNKI ( is the largest aggregator and distributor of academic digital resources in China. CNKI has built a digital publishing platform to integrate all kinds of academic resources. Since 1996, CNKI has built the China Integrated Knowledge Resources Database, integrating more than a dozen resource types, such as Chinese and foreign academic journals, theses & dissertations, conference proceedings, newspapers, patents, standards, reference works, and books.

(1) No.1 in Chinese Academic Resources Collection

CNKI is the largest Chinese academic resources aggregator in China, integrating over 95% of Chinese academic resources.

CNKI Chinese Databases
No.DatabasesTitle AmountArticle AmountCoverage
1 China Academic Journals Full-text Database7800 titles33million99.9%
2 China Doctoral Theses Full-text DatabaseFrom 400 institutions160k91%
3 China Master’s Theses Full-text DatabaseFrom 600 institutions1.2million96%
4 China Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database17000 conferences1.6million96%
5 China Core Newspapers Full-text Database600 newspapers10million100%
6 China Patents Database--5million99.9%
7 China Standards Database--150k100%
8 China Scientific Research Achievements Database--500k100%
9 China Yearbooks Full-text Database2300 yearbooks14million99%
10 China Reference Works Online4000 reference works15million99.5%
11 Encyclopedia of China Database70 volumes80k100%

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(2) No.1 in Market Share

CNKI is the largest academic resources distributor in China. With branches covering over 50 segments in organizational market, and offices located in every province in China, CNKI has a sales team of over 1000 staff selling products all over China.

Our major markets include Universities, Public Libraries, Research Institutions, Innovative Enterprises, Hospitals, Agricultural Technical Associations, Military Research Institutions, Courts and Procuratorates, Vocational-technical Colleges, Government Organizations and Primary & Secondary Schools. CNKI covers 100% of universities in China and over 60% of other major markets.

(3) No.1 in the Amount of Users and Full-text Downloads

CNKI covers the largest readership in China. By the end of 2017, CNKI had over 20,000 institution users and more than 20 million registered individual users. Full-text articles are downloaded 2 billion times each year. Online concurrent users are over 150,000. Over 90% of searches and full-text downloads of Chinese academic literature are fulfilled on CNKI website.

(4) No.1 in Overseas Market

CNKI explores overseas market to sell Chinese academic resources outside Mainland China. CNKI exports integrated Chinese databases to 1200 institutions in over 50 countries and districts.

(5) Technology Leader in Database Searching and Resource Integration

CNKI is a leading technical service provider in the digital publishing industry. With contributions from over 300 technical engineers, CNKI has over 100 self-developed core digital publishing technologies with independent property rights in the following aspects: knowledge database, information retrieval, indexing, knowledge discovery, natural language understanding, machine translation, and plagiarism detection.

2. CNKI Scholar

In order to accelerate the dissemination of international academic resources in China, we build a unified academic resource discovery platform--CNKI Scholar ( --to offer free metadata search services to users. Based on copyright cooperation, CNKI Scholar has integrated international academic resources of various types from more than 530 international publishers. It has the following features:

(1) Based on Copyright Cooperation

All resources published on CNKI Scholar are authorized by publishers/content providers by agreement.

(2) World’s Largest Readership

CNKI Scholar offers free search services on academic resources for over 20,000 institution users and over 20 million individual users. It has over 10 million searches per day, which continues to grow rapidly.

(3) Cross Database Search & Multilingual Search

Based on a series of globally advanced technology in digital publishing, CNKI Scholar offers a one-stop search covering both Chinese and foreign academic resources from different databases. It is a unified content discovery platform.

(4) Computer Aided Translation

With its advanced machine translation technology, CNKI Scholar automatically translates key information of foreign literature into Chinese. For example, the title, key words, important jargons in the literature, and etc. It helps Chinese readers browse the search results more efficient and quickly grasp the content of the literature.

(5) Unified Knowledge Network

By using intelligent indexing and deep knowledge discovery technology, CNKI Scholar reveals the relationship among literature (e.g. reference, citation, similar document) to build a global knowledge network. It saves user’s time and provides a complete and systematic search result.

(6) Easy and Quick Publishing

Publishers only need to provide licensed data. CNKI will process the data and publish them on CNKI Scholar within 2 days upon receipt of the licensed data.

3. Development in International Resource Cooperation

CNKI Scholar has established copyright cooperation with over 530 international publishers, integrating hundreds of databases which contain over 300 million Chinese and foreign literature such as journals, conference proceedings, theses & dissertations, patents, standards and books.

The most influential publishers in the world such as Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis, ProQuest, Wiley, Pubmed and Cambridge University Press are our partners.

Our subjects include science, biological medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, earth science, medical and public health, computer science, geography, architecture, life sciences, mathematics, physics, statistics, engineering, environment and etc.

4. Cooperation Models

CNKI Scholar welcomes international publishers to work with us on copyright cooperation. Cooperation models are as follows:

(1) Metadata Cooperation Model

Publishers sign copyright cooperation agreement with CNKI and send metadata to CNKI for free. CNKI will process, index and release the metadata on CNKI Scholar to provide free search service for users.

Publishers can provide Thick Metadata or Thin Metadata according to their metadata policies. Thick Metadata is more specific metadata including abstract and keywords. Thin Metadata is bibliographic data, at least including article title, author, journal title, and publication date.

After users find the articles they need on CNKI Scholar, they will be directed to publisher’s website to download full-text. CNKI will provide usage statistics report regularly for publishers.

(2) Database Distribution Cooperation Model

Publishers appoint CNKI as their general distributor in the Mainland China market or agreed industrial market. Benefiting from sales channel advantages and sales team of CNKI, publishers will explore China market rapidly or increase their database sales in Mainland China.

5. Cooperation Benefits

Publishers have the following benefits by working with CNKI.

(1) Accelerate Dissemination of your Publication

By deep integration of your resources and CNKI resources, readers can discover and access your resources easily.

(2) Improve the Academic Influence of your Publications, Attract more Contribution

The cooperation can increase the exposure and influence of your publications in China and bring more contributions from outstanding Chinese scholars as a result.

(3) Explore Chinese Market

By using CNKI’s advantage in sales channels and cooperate with our sales team, the cooperation helps publishers to quickly explore the Chinese market and create a win-win situation for both parties.

(4) Offer Market Intelligence

CNKI provides usage statistics reports for publishers regularly. They are useful information for publisher to make market analysis. After the publishers’ content being released on CNKI Scholar, their website visits increased in a very rapid speed.

We look forward to working with you!

6. Contact

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