As a leading Chinese academic information aggregator worldwide, CNKI has expanded its international service by working with more than 650 international publishers from 60 countries and regions. Currently, over 157 million articles from 57400 titles of journals are indexed by CNKI, overlapping with 94% of JCR cited journals and 80% in Scopus.

    All indexed resources are unified under seven categories of natural science, social science, humanities, engineering technology, medicine, agrology and philosophy.Basic information for each journal can be quickly and freely accessed by readers,including current / former titles name, ISSN/E-ISSN, publishing frequency, initial issue, publisher / aggregator homepage, access, subject, publication, publication territory, language, etc.Lists for volumes, online-first and open access content are also available. Most of archives are back to initial issue, with the oldest one in 1665.  Enter >

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