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Author:Mihaela Colhon , Ştefan Vlăduţescu , Xenia Negrea
Data Source:[J].Symmetry, 2017, Vol.9 (11)DOAJ
Abstract:In the latest studies concerning the sentiment polarity of words, the authors mostly consider the positive and negative constructions, without paying too much attention to the neutral words, which can have, in fact, significant sentiment degrees. More precisely, not all the ...
Author:Ştefan Vlăduţescu
Data Source:[J].Communications in Applied Sciences, 2014, Vol.2 (1)Infinity Press
Abstract:The study explores the European integration as a major concern of the Romanian societal environment. It highlights three scenarios: the pessimistic, optimistic and pragmatic scenario. There emerges a solution so that the school of the new EU members should raise to the stand...
Author:Ştefan Vlăduţescu
Data Source:[J].Journal of Studies in Social Sciences, 2014, Vol.8 (2)Infinity Press
Abstract:The study investigates how manipulators and manipulation deviate from some law principles of communication. The research falls within a comprehensive framework of manipulation It starts from the four features of fraiming accredited by R. M. Entman (1993): define problem, dia...
Author:Ştefan Vlăduţescu
Data Source:[J].Journalism and Mass Communication, 2013, Vol.3 (5)DPC
Abstract:Charles Darwin discovers that the theory of the species’ creation by a miraculous being has reached a double impasse, due to the science “speech” evolution. There is an expositive impasse (it can’t explain some facts any more) and a communication-comprehensive impasse (...
Author:Ştefan Vlăduţescu
Data Source:[J].Journalism and Mass Communication, 2013, Vol.3 (8)DPC
Abstract:The study has its theme communicative characteristics of the human voice, having utility in the journalistic interview. It finds, first, that there is no convergence in the number of characteristics of the human voice: M. L. Knapp talks about three characteristics, T. O. Mes...

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