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Author:M.B. Jidda , A.B. Anaso
Data Source:[J].Archives Of Phytopathology And Plant Protection, 2012, Vol.45 (14), pp.1663-1672Taylor & Francis
Abstract:The effects of seed dressing, sowing date and cultivar on incidence and severity of downy mildew of pearl millet induced by Sclerospora graminicola and yield were studied in a two-year field trial conducted at the Research farm of University of Maiduguri. The millet cultivar...
Author:Z.D.S Turaki , A.B. Anaso , B.I Richard
Data Source:[J].Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare, 2015科学、技术和教育国际协会
Abstract:In 2007 cropping season, a multilocational trial was laid in split-plot using a randomized complete block design at the Teaching and Research Farm of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Maiduguri and Gashua Farm Station lying in the Sudan and Sahel agro-ecological zone...
Author:B.A. Tunwari , H. Nahunnaro , A.B. Anaso
Data Source:[J].Journal of Agriculture and Sustainability, 2014, Vol.5 (1)Infinity Press
Abstract:Gray leaf spot is one of the most important foliage diseases of sorghum. A study on the fungicidal seed treatment and screening sorghum cultivars on gray leaf spot disease was investigated in a split plot arrangement using four seed dressing fungicides (Metalaxyl, Captan, Thioben...

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