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Author:Ahmet Fertelli , Gökhan Günhan , Ertan Buyruk
Data Source:[J].Heat and Mass Transfer(IF 0.84), 2017, Vol.53 (2), pp.687-704Springer
Abstract:In the present study, it is aimed to calculate the effect of ice formation on different cylinder geometries placed in a rectangular cavity filled with water. For this aim Fluent package program was used to solve the flow domain numerically and temperature distribution and ic...
Author:Ahmet Fertelli
Data Source:[J].Transactions of FAMENA, 2013, Vol.37 (2)Hrcak
Abstract:In this study, the influence of different wall types (stone, brick, concrete and bims - which are usually used in building construction in Turkey) on the optimum insulation thicknesses, energy savings, and payback periods was evaluated for six different energy types: LPG, el...
Author:Koray Karabulut , Ertan Buyruk , Ahmet Fertelli
Data Source:[J].Thermal Science(IF 0.838), 2016, Vol.20 (1)塞尔维亚热力工程师协会
Abstract:In the present study, the effects of different types thermal bridges formed by beams for floor-wall junctions in reinforced concrete structures, with and without balconies, and the optimum configuration of the insulation layers to avoid heat loss were investigated as numerically....

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