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Author:Alireza Rahbari , Gh. Barari
Data Source:[J].Journal of Energy Engineering(IF 0.543), 2016ASCE
Abstract:AbstractThis paper presents a two-dimensional analytical method for investigating the triple-flame temperature profile in a microcombustor. For this purpose, the microcombustor chamber is divided into a preheat and a reaction zone and the role of heat recirculation from the flame...
Author:Alireza Rahbari , Fatemeh Ebrahiminasab , Mehdi Bidabadi
Data Source:[J].Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering(IF 0.92), 2013, (10), pp.1114-1120CNKI
Abstract:This paper presents the combined influence of heat-loss and radiation on the pyrolysis of biomass particles by considering the structure of one-dimensional, laminar and steady state flame propagation in uniformly premixed wood particles. The assumed flame structure consists ...
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Author:Alireza Rahbari
Data Source:[J].中南大学学报(英文版)(IF 0.434), 2016, (01), pp.122-129CNKI
Abstract:A numerical model is presented to investigate the performance of homogeneous charge compression ignition(HCCI) engines fueled with ethanol. Two approaches are studied. On one hand, two-step reaction mechanisms with Arrhenius reaction rates are implemented in combustion chemi...
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Author:Alireza Rahbari , Seyed Mehdi Ashrafizadeh
Data Source:[J].Thermal Science(IF 0.838), 2016, Vol.20 (1)塞尔维亚热力工程师协会
Abstract:The aim of this work is to analytically investigate the symmetrical combustion of an isolated coal particle with the fuel pyrolysis effect. The modelling concept of coal particles is similar to that of the liquid droplet combustion but in the case of coal devolatilization, the pa...
Author:Mehdi Bidabadi , AliReza Rahbari
Data Source:[J].Majlesi Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2008, Vol.1 (4), pp.11DOAJ
Abstract:In this paper, the effect of temperature difference between gas and particle in the structure of premixed flames propagation in combustible system, containing uniformly distributed volatile fuel particle, in an oxidizing gas mixture, is analyzed. In the present work, equations ba...

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