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Author:André Spicer , Carl Cederström
Data Source:[J].New Scientist(IF 0.328), 2015, Vol.225 (3009), pp.26-27Elsevier
Abstract:Urging people to optimise well-being in many aspects of life can be counterproductive, say André Spicer and Carl Cederström
Author:Johan Alvehus , André Spicer
Data Source:[J].Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 2012, Vol.23 (7-8), pp.497-510Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Recently, there has been an increased focus on finance as a form of control in corporations. In this paper, we explore financialization as an employee control strategy in a Big Four accountancy firm, and more specifically how it affects the everyday lives of the...
Author:Peter Fleming , André Spicer
Data Source:[J].The Academy of Management Annals, 2014, Vol.8 (1), pp.237-298Taylor & Francis
Abstract:Abstract(#br)This paper reviews and evaluates the concept of power in management and organization science. In order to organize the extant literature on this topic, we develop a framework that identifies four faces of power (i.e. coercion, manipulation, domination, and subje...
Author:Philip Hancock , André Spicer
Data Source:[J].Culture and Organization, 2011, Vol.17 (2), pp.91-105Taylor & Francis
Abstract:This paper represents an exploration of organizational architecture and interior design insofar as it represents a technology of interpellation that encourages various forms of identity to become privileged over others. In particular, it focuses on the design and aesthetic m...
Author:Sian Sullivan , André Spicer , Steffen Böhm
Data Source:[J].Globalizations, 2011, Vol.8 (5), pp.703-717Taylor & Francis
Abstract:In this article we ask how ‘civil society’ actors and organizations can become constructed and treated as ‘uncivil society’. We contest the notion that ‘uncivil’ necessarily equates with the dark qualities of violence and organized criminality. Instead, we take a G...
Author:Peter Fleming , André Spicer
Data Source:[J].Culture and Organization, 2005, Vol.11 (3), pp.181-193Taylor & Francis
Abstract:This paper analyzes the concept of belief in contemporary organizations. Most studies tend to envisage belief as something internal to the thinking and feeling person. We argue, however, that belief does not only reside ‘inside’ the individual subject but also in an external...
Author:... Andreas Rasche , Guido Palazzo , André Spicer
Data Source:[J].Journal of Management Studies, 2016, Vol.53 (3), pp.273-298Wiley
Abstract:ABSTRACT(#br)This article takes stock of the discourse on ‘political CSR’ (PCSR), reconsiders some of its assumptions, and suggests new directions for what we call ‘PCSR 2.0’. We start with a definition of PCSR, focusing on firms’ contribution to public goods. We t...
Author:... Andrea Whittle , Stephen Frenkel , André Spicer
Data Source:[J].European Journal of Marketing, 2018, Vol.52 (5/6), pp.1128-1153Emerald
Abstract:Purpose(#br)The branding of universities is increasingly recognized to present a different set of challenges than in corporate, for-profit sectors. The purpose of this paper is to investigate how faculty make sense of branding in the context of higher education, specifically...
Author:Steffen Böhm , André Spicer , Peter Fleming
Data Source:[J].Scandinavian Journal of Management, 2008, Vol.24 (3), pp.169-182Elsevier
Abstract:Summary(#br)This paper contributes to critical understandings of how international business is resisted. It develops a Neo-Gramscian approach that emphasizes the importance of informal or ‘infra-political’ processes. Current conceptualizations demonstrate how international b...
Author:Mats Alvesson , André Spicer
Data Source:[J].Journal of Management Studies, 2012, Vol.49 (7), pp.1194-1220Wiley
Abstract:abstract(#br)In this paper we question the one‐sided thesis that contemporary organizations rely on the mobilization of cognitive capacities. We suggest that severe restrictions on these capacities in the form of what we call functional stupidity are an equally important if ...

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