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Author:Annette Clancy , Russ Vince , Yiannis Gabriel
Data Source:[J].British Journal of Management, 2012, Vol.23 (4), pp.518-531Wiley
Abstract:This paper explores the emotion of disappointment in organizations and develops a new line of theorizing inspired by psychoanalytic object‐relations theory. Existing literature frames disappointment as a threat to organizational effectiveness, as both a response and an antic...
Author:Annette Clancy , Russ Vince
Data Source:[J].British Journal of Management, 2019, Vol.30 (1), pp.203-216Wiley
Abstract:Abstract(#br)In this paper we discuss emotions and fantasies that inform and influence the project of theory building. Our argument is that theory building can be improved by engaging directly with emotions and with fantasies that are defensively and creatively generated by ...

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