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Author:Binayak S. Choudhury , Bankim Nasipuri
Data Source:[J].Computational and Applied Mathematics(IF 0.413), 2015, Vol.34 (1), pp.177-195Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)In this paper, we study a two-dimensional spatio-temporal Holling–Tanner type predator–prey model incorporating ratio-dependent Holling type-IV functional response. From the analytical conditions of Hopf and diffusion-driven instability with zero flux boundary c...
Author:P. N. Dutta , Binayak S. Choudhury
Data Source:[J].Fixed Point Theory and Applications(IF 1.866), 2008, Vol.2008 (1), pp.1-8Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Here we introduce a generalisation of the Banach contraction mapping principle. We show that the result extends two existing generalisations of the same principle. We support our result by an example.
Author:Binayak S. Choudhury , Arpan Dhara
Data Source:[J].Quantum Information Processing(IF 1.748), 2015, Vol.14 (1), pp.373-379Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)In this paper, we propose a protocol of joint remote state preparation of an equatorial two-qubit pure quantum state using GHZ states, performing projective measurements and appropriate unitary operations. The probability of success of our scheme is shown to increase...
Author:Binayak S. Choudhury , Arpan Dhara
Data Source:[J].Quantum Information Processing(IF 1.748), 2016, Vol.15 (12), pp.5063-5071Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)In this paper we make use of two non-maximally entangled three-qubit channels for probabilistically teleporting arbitrary two particle states from a sender to a receiver. We also calculate the success probability of the teleportation. In the protocol we use two measu...
Author:Binayak S. Choudhury , Arpan Dhara
Data Source:[J].Quantum Information Processing(IF 1.748), 2013, Vol.12 (7), pp.2577-2585Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Cluster class states are entangled states which have several uses in quantum information and computation problems. In this paper we develop an entanglement concentration protocol for partially entangled pure cluster class state with an even number of qubits. We use o...
Author:Binayak S. Choudhury , Arpan Dhara
Data Source:[J].International Journal of Theoretical Physics(IF 1.086), 2016, Vol.55 (4), pp.2275-2285Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)In this paper we introduce a controlled teleportation protocol for transferring arbitrary two-qubit states bilaterally between Alice and Bob. The bidirectional teleportation protocol is supervised by a controller Charlie. A ten-qubit entangled quantum channel shared ...
Author:Binayak S. Choudhury , Amaresh Kundu
Data Source:[J].Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales. Serie A. Matematicas(IF 0.733), 2014, Vol.108 (2), pp.335-351Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)In this work we establish two general weak coupled contraction mapping theorems in partially ordered metric spaces. Weak contractions are extensions of contractive mappings which are intermediate to Banach’s contractions and nonexpansive mappings. They have been...
Author:Binayak S. Choudhury , Pradyut Das
Data Source:[J].Mathematical Sciences, 2016, Vol.10 (1-2), pp.23-32Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Here we prove a coupled coincidence point theorem in G -fuzzy metric spaces for compatible mappings using $$Had\check{z}i\acute{c}$$ H a d z...
Author:Binayak S. Choudhury , Arpan Dhara
Data Source:[J].International Journal of Theoretical Physics(IF 1.086), 2016, Vol.55 (7), pp.3393-3399Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)In this paper we propose a perfect teleportation protocol for certain class of three-qubit entangled states. The class of states which are teleported, is larger than those considered by Nie et al. (Int. J. Theor. Phys. 50 , 2799 46 ) and Li et al. (Int. J. Theor. Phy...
Author:Indranil Chakrabarty , Nirman Ganguly , Binayak S. Choudhury
Data Source:[J].Quantum Information Processing(IF 1.748), 2011, Vol.10 (1), pp.27-32Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)In this letter we analyze the efficacy of the entangled output of Pati-Braunstein (arxiv:quant-ph/0007121v1, 2000) deletion machine as a teleportation channel. We analyze the possibility of it violating the Bell’s inequality. Interestingly we find that for all v...

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