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Author:Samuel M. Natale , Caroline Doran
Data Source:[J].Journal of Business Ethics, 2012, Vol.105 (2), pp.187-196JSTOR
Abstract:The Marketing of Education has become epidemic. Business practices and principles now commonly suffuse the approach and administration of Higher Education in an attempt to make schools both more competitive and "branded." This seems to be progressing without reference to the sign...
Author:Caroline Doran , Maria Noonan , Owen Doody
Data Source:[J].Journal of Clinical Nursing(IF 1.316), 2019, Vol.28 (7-8), pp.1070-1084Wiley
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Aim(#br)To systematically review the literature regarding the experience of older people, families and staff using life‐story work in residential care facilities for older people.(#br)Background(#br)Life‐story work has been promoted as an approach to enhance car...

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