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Author:Imen Hammouda , Daoued Mihoubi
Data Source:[J].Heat and Mass Transfer(IF 0.84), 2017, Vol.53 (12), pp.3571-3580Springer
Abstract:This work deals with a numerical study of the response of a porcelain slab when subjected to convective drying in stationary and non-stationary conditions. The used model describes heat, mass, and momentum transfers is applied to an unsaturated viscoelastic medium described ...
Author:Imen Hammouda , Daoued Mihoubi
Data Source:[J].Drying Technology(IF 1.814), 2014, Vol.32 (10), pp.1219-1230Taylor & Francis
Abstract:A mathematical model to simulate the drying of a partially saturated ceramic material has been developed. The investigated problem involves coupling equations considering heat, mass, and mechanical aspects. Transport in unsaturated porous medium includes two mean mechanisms: conv...
Author:Imen Hammouda , Kamel Jlassi , Daoued Mihoubi
Data Source:[J].Comptes rendus - Mécanique(IF 0.873), 2015, Vol.343 (7-8), pp.419-428Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)This paper is a contribution to the determination of the variations of the physical and rheological properties of a ceramic paste during drying. The ceramic's density was determined as a function of moisture content using the Archimedes' Principle. The shrinkage was ...

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