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Author:Parvaneh Shafieyoon , Ebrahim Mehdipour , Jacek Michalski
Data Source:[J].Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A(IF 0.386), 2019, Vol.93 (7), pp.1285-1296Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)A combined experimental and theoretical investigation has been reported on N -(alanine)- p- styrene sulfonamide (abbreviated as ASS). The new title compound have been synthesized for the first time from the reaction of p- styrene sulfonyl chloride and (S)-alanin...
Author:Jacek Michalski , Leszek Skoczylas
Data Source:[J].Journal of Materials Processing Tech.(IF 1.953), 2007, Vol.204 (1), pp.331-342Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)The paper presents the methodology of modelling tooth flanks of cylindrical gears in the CAD environment. The modelling consists in a computer simulation of gear generation. A model of tooth flanks is an envelope surface of a family of envelopes that originates from ...
Author:Paweł Pawlus , Jacek Michalski
Data Source:[J].Wear(IF 1.262), 2008, Vol.266 (1), pp.208-213Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)The tendencies of cylinder surface topography changes during “zero-wear” process are mentioned.(#br)It is proved that the assessment of amplitude parameter of worn cylinder surface is sufficient to monitor the shape of the amplitude distribution (material ratio ...
Author:Jacek Michalski
Data Source:[J].The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology(IF 1.205), 2009, Vol.43 (5-6), pp.513-528Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)The paper presents an analysis of three-dimensional surface topography of side and side out in tooth space flanks of cylindrical gear machined after hobbing and chiselling by Fellows method. The parameters and functions of surface topography as well as spectral ...
Author:Paweł Woś , Jacek Michalski
Data Source:[J].Tribology Letters(IF 1.743), 2011, Vol.41 (3), pp.555-567Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Reciprocating piston engines are the major propulsion devices for light aircrafts, helicopters, and essentially all automotive vehicles. They are expected to fulfil both present-day and future demands for engine performance, durability, fuel economy, and exhaust...
Author:Paweł Pawlus , Jacek Michalski
Data Source:[J].Wear(IF 1.262), 2009, Vol.266 (1-2), pp.208-213CrossRef
Author:Jacek MICHALSKI
Data Source:[J].Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport, 2015, Vol.89, pp.109-117DOAJ
Abstract:The paper presents the technological process of abrasive-chemical machining wheel bearing surface of the cylindrical herringbone gears planetary gear in vibrating container smoothing machine according to Isotropic Finishing ISF® technology of the REM Chemicals Inc. company. ...

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