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Author:Jane Nolan
Data Source:[J].Asia Pacific Business Review, 2017, Vol.23 (1), pp.152-153Taylor & Francis
Author:Jane Nolan
Data Source:[J].The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2011, Vol.22 (16), pp.3357-3372Taylor & Francis
Abstract:There is an assumption in some neo-institutional theories of organization that China's integration into the global economy will inevitably lead to a reduction in the influence of guanxi on business practices. Drawing on in-depth qualitative interviews, the study shows that w...
Author:Jane Nolan
Data Source:[J].Asia Pacific Business Review, 2010, Vol.16 (3), pp.417-436Taylor & Francis
Abstract:This study draws on in-depth qualitative interviews to investigate the variety of institutional forces which influence the adoption of western corporate governance mechanisms in Chinese banks. Following path dependency models of institutional change it was shown that cogniti...
Author:Jane Nolan , Michael Westrate ...
Data Source:[J].Europe-Asia Studies, 2009, Vol.61 (4), pp.711-737Taylor & Francis
Author:Jacqueline Scott , Jane Nolan , Anke C. Plagnol
Data Source:[J].Twenty-First Century Society, 2009, Vol.4 (2), pp.123-135Taylor & Francis
Abstract:This paper describes the burgeoning interest in quality of life studies and suggests that as well as expert definitions, we need to consider people's own perceptions of what matters. Using open-ended questions from the 1997 and 2002 waves of the British Household Panel Survey we ...
Author:Jane Nolan
Data Source:[J].The China Quarterly, 2007, Vol.192, pp.1021-1023Cambridge U Press

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