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Author:Bahaudin G. Mujtaba , Frank J Cavico , Jatuporn Sungkhawan
Data Source:[J].International Business Research, 2010, Vol.4 (1)DOAJ
Abstract:Ethical maturity and moral behavior are of concern to all managers and government officials, and even more so in Asian economy where some aspects of the economy seem to “go underground” without any taxation or proper credit to the owners or copyright holders. This research s...
Author:... Terrell Manyak , Jatuporn Sungkhawan , Regina Greenwood
Data Source:[J].Asia Pacific Business Review, 2010, Vol.16 (4), pp.545-566Taylor & Francis
Abstract:Researchers are expanding our knowledge of cultural value systems by exploring the diverse values that are held by different generations in various countries. The majority of these studies have focused on Western countries with little attention being given to cross cultural diffe...
Author:... Terrell Manyak , Jatuporn Sungkhawan , Regina Greenwood
Data Source:[J].2010, Vol.16 (4), pp.545-566Institute of Archaeology TAS

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