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Author:Elvis Wati , Pierre Meukam , Jean Claude Damfeu
Data Source:[J].Heat and Mass Transfer(IF 0.84), 2017, Vol.53 (12), pp.3487-3499Springer
Abstract:Uninsulated concrete block walls commonly found in tropical region have to be retrofitted to save energy. The thickness of insulation layer used can be reduced with the help of modified laterite based bricks layer (with the considerably lower thermal conductivity than that of con...
Author:... Pierre Meukam , Jean Claude Damfeu , Donatien Njomo
Data Source:[J].Materials Sciences and Applications, 2018, Vol.09 (12), pp.913-935Scientific Research Publishing
Abstract:Thatch fibres grow in large quantity in the Adamawaregion of Cameroon. During the long dry season, these fibres cause numerousfire incidents, which not only devastate large areas of cash crops, but alsocontribute to increase emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere....

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