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Author:Marcin KŁOS
Data Source:[J].Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport, 2016, Vol.90SUT
Abstract:Traffic flow in cities is usually examined locally. This method is not effective for through traffic analysis. The paper discusses the problem of determining peak traffic hours taking into account vehicle distributions. Peak hours represent time periods of traffic flow which...
Author:Adam GUMIŃSKI , Marcin KŁOS , Jolanta GUMIŃSKA
Data Source:[J].Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment, 2018, Vol.10 (4), pp.123-131Exeley 公司
Abstract:Granular activated carbon (GAC) is used for removing an excessive amount of organic contaminants causing undesirable taste, odour or colour of water, and refractive micropollutants, such as heavy metals or toxic organic compounds. However, adsorption is one of the most expensive ...

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