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Author:Jasper J. Hotho , Marjorie A. Lyles , Mark Easterby‐Smith
Data Source:[J].Global Strategy Journal, 2015, Vol.5 (2), pp.85-112Wiley
Abstract:Despite the interest in issues of knowing and learning in the global strategy field, there has been limited mutual engagement and interaction between the fields of global strategy and organizational learning. The purpose of our article is to reflect on and articulate how the mutu...
Author:Mark Easterby‐Smith , Isabel M. Prieto
Data Source:[J].British Journal of Management, 2008, Vol.19 (3), pp.235-249Wiley
Abstract:Modern strategic management theories try to explain why firms differ, because new sources of competitive advantage are keenly sought in the dynamic and complex environment of global competition. Two areas in particular have attracted the attention of researchers: the role of dyna...
Author:Mark Easterby‐Smith , Marjorie A. Lyles , Eric W. K. Tsang
Data Source:[J].Journal of Management Studies, 2008, Vol.45 (4), pp.677-690Wiley
Abstract:abstract Many papers have been published recently in the fields of strategy and international business research incorporating the role of organizational knowledge as a basis of firm competitive advantage. While such knowledge is normally developed within the firm, it is impo...
Author:Mark Easterby‐Smith , Mary Crossan , Davide Nicolini
Data Source:[J].Journal of Management Studies, 2000, Vol.37 (6), pp.783-796Wiley
Abstract:In this paper we attempt to map the development of organizational learning as a field of academic study by examining the rise and fall of specific debates. This does not pretend to be a comprehensive review of the field since there is now far too much material available to a...
Author:Jacky F. L. Hong , Mark Easterby‐Smith , Robin Stanley Snell
Data Source:[J].Journal of Management Studies, 2006, Vol.43 (5), pp.1027-1058Wiley
Abstract:abstract Qualitative interviews and observations were conducted to study the cross‐border transfer of organizational learning systems to the subsidiaries of five Japanese manufacturing companies operating in South China. This paper develops a holistic model of the overall pr...

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