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Author:Marko Bartolac , Domagoj Damjanović , Ivan Duvnjak
Data Source:[J].Građevinar(IF 0.105), 2015, Vol.67 (08)Hrcak
Abstract:The punching shear strength is an extremely significant parameter for the design of flat slabs, i.e. the slabs supported directly on columns, without beams between columns. Slab punching design models are presented according to Eurocode 2, ACI Code 318, and fib Model Code 20...
Author:Mladenko Rak , Joško Krolo , Marko Bartolac
Data Source:[J].Građevinar(IF 0.105), 2010, Vol.62 (10)Hrcak
Abstract:The static and dynamic testing of two arch bridges, approximately equal in span but made of different materials, is described. The Cetina Bridge in Trilj (140 m in span) is made of concrete. The new Maslenica Bridge (155 m in span), built on foundations of the old bridge destroye...

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