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Author:Mohammad Ali Fazilati , Ahmad Sedaghat , Ali-Akbar Alemrajabi
Data Source:[J].Heat and Mass Transfer(IF 0.84), 2017, Vol.53 (7), pp.2287-2296Springer
Abstract:In this paper, transient performance of the previously introduced natural convection heat and mass transfer loop is investigated for an air dehumidifier system. The performance of the loop is studied in different conditions of heat source/heat sink temperature and different start...
Author:Mohammad Ali Fazilati , Ali Akbar Alemrajabi , Ahmad Sedaghat
Data Source:[J].Applied Thermal Engineering(IF 2.127), 2017, Vol.115, pp.305-314Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)After introducing the concept of natural convection air dehumidifier system and establishing the feasibility of eliminating desiccant pump, this study aims to approve the application of natural liquid desiccant as an air conditioning system in real working condi...
Author:Mohammad Ali Fazilati , Ahmad Sedaghat , Ali Akbar Alemrajabi
Data Source:[J].Applied Thermal Engineering(IF 2.127), 2016, Vol.105, pp.105-117Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Natural heat and mass transfer can be achieved simultaneously in a stratified medium. In this study, the natural induced flow due to change of concentration of a desiccant liquid in a closed circulation loop is experimentally investigated. The proposed novel system i...
Author:Kamal Shiryan Dehkordi , Mohammad Ali Fazilati , Ahmad Hajatzadeh
Data Source:[J].Applied Thermal Engineering(IF 2.127), 2015, Vol.87, pp.56-65Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)This study is an attempt to identify the factors influencing heat transfer in a Surface Scraped Heat Exchanger (SSHE) and determining its significance in order to facilitate the use of SSHE in various applications. These types of exchangers are employed to heat/cool ...
Author:Mohammad Ali Fazilati , Ali Akbar Alemrajabi
Data Source:[J].Energy Conversion and Management(IF 2.775), 2013, Vol.71, pp.138-145Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)In this research, the effects of using Phase Change Materials (PCM) as storage medium on the performance of a solar water heater have been experimentally investigated. A type of paraffin wax is used as PCM in spherical capsules as storage material in the tank of sola...

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