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Author:D. S. Campbell , P. J. Treloar , D. R. Bowes
Data Source:[J].GFF(IF 1.378), 1979, Vol.101 (2), pp.105-118Taylor & Francis
Abstract:Microstructural and microprobe studies of a staurolite-garnet-sillimanite-biotite schist indicate a peak of metamorphism syntectonic with a third phase of folding in a regional polyphase deformational history. Metamorphic conditions are calculated to be 675 ± 25°C and 500± 2...
Author:P. J. Treloar , N. S. Lucas
Data Source:[J].International Journal of Remote Sensing(IF 1.138), 2003, Vol.24 (19), pp.3709-3726Taylor & Francis
Abstract:Cretaceous rocks on the continental margin of northern Chile record a complex geodynamic evolution. Cycles of transtensional and transpressional deformation and of extrusive and intrusive magmatism are linked to the development of crustal-scale lineaments. The Landsat Thematic Ma...
Author:J. M. Watkins , J. D. Clemens , P. J. Treloar
Data Source:[J].Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology(IF 3.476), 2007, Vol.154 (1), pp.91-110Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Two natural, low K 2 O/Na 2 O, TTG tonalitic gneisses (one hornblende-bearing and the other biotite-bearing) were partially melted at 0.8–1.2 GPa (fluid-absent). The chief melting reactions involve the breakdown of the biotite and hornblende. The hornblende tona...
Author:P. J. Treloar
Data Source:[J].Mineralogical Magazine(IF 2.212), 1996, Vol.60 (2), pp.389-390De Gruyter
Author:A. G. Whittington , P. J. Treloar
Data Source:[J].Mineralogical Magazine(IF 2.212), 2002, Vol.66 (1), pp.53-91De Gruyter
Abstract:Abstract We review the causes, mechanisms and consequences of crustal anatexis during the exhumation of metamorphic terranes, from a petrological perspective. During both prograde and retrograde metamorphism, limited influx of free hydrous fluids may result in small volumes of ve...
Author:P. J. Treloar
Data Source:[J].Mineralogical Magazine(IF 2.212), 1998, Vol.62 (2), pp.293-294CrossRef

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