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Author:Peter Zizler
Data Source:[J].Linear Algebra and Its Applications(IF 0.968), 2016, Vol.499, pp.31-42Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)We provide results on matrices arising in the non-stationary cyclic convolution and combination and its Fourier Transform. Spectral properties for these matrices, along with results on the non-stationary frequency filtering, are given.
Author:... Vincente Montesinos , Peter Zizler , Václav Zizler
Data Source:[J].Applications of Mathematics(IF 0.222), 2012, Vol.57 (5), pp.543-550Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)The inverse Fast Fourier Transform is a common procedure to solve a convolution equation provided the transfer function has no zeros on the unit circle. In our paper we generalize this method to the case of a singular convolution equation and prove that if the transf...
Author:Ilya Krupnik , Peter Lancaster , Peter Zizler
Data Source:[J].Linear and Multilinear Algebra(IF 0.677), 1996, Vol.40 (4), pp.327-336Taylor & Francis
Abstract:Two main results are established. Stated imprecisely, the first asserts that if a selfadjoint matrix polynomial L(λ) has enough eigenvectors of positive type then they contain a complete set, and hence L(λ) has a right-divisor of the form λI - Z. (A similar result holds for ...
Author:Peter Zizler
Data Source:[J].Linear Algebra and Its Applications(IF 0.968), 2003, Vol.385, pp.463-474Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Let Z denote the set of integers, let s be a natural number, and let I s =[0,2 π )×⋯×[0,2 π ). Let M be a s × s matrix with integer entries and let h=∑ n∈ Z s h n e − i (n·θ) be a complex valued multivariate trigonometric polynomial on I s , where...
Author:Peter Zizler , Keith F. Taylor , Shigeru Arimoto
Data Source:[J].Integral Equations and Operator Theory(IF 0.713), 1997, Vol.28 (2), pp.245-250Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)We show that if T(F) is a selfadjoint block Toeplitz operator generated by a trigonometric matrix polynomial F , then the spectrum of T(F) as well as the limiting set Λ( F ) of the eigenvalues of the truncations T n (F) is the union of a finite collection of seg...
Author:Vicente Montesinos , Peter Zizler , Václav Zizler
Data Source:[J].Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales. Serie A. Matematicas(IF 0.733), 2011, Vol.105 (1), pp.119-131Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)We use renormings and generic differentiability of convex functions to prove some results on farthest points in sets in Banach spaces. As a corollary, we obtain an alternative proof of the Lindenstrauss–Troyanski result on representation of weakly compact convex...
Author:Peter Zizler
Data Source:[J].Applied Mathematics, 2014, Vol.05 (06), pp.917-927Scientific Research Publishing
Abstract:Let G be a non-abeliangroup and let l 2 (G) be afinite dimensional Hilbert space of all complex valued functions for which theelements of G form the (standard) orthonormal basis. Inour paper we prove results concerning G -decorrelateddecompositions of functions i...
Author:Peter Zizler , Keith F. Taylor
Data Source:[J].International Journal of Quantum Chemistry(IF 1.306), 1999, Vol.74 (6), pp.633-644Wiley
Abstract:Abstract(#br)The present Part V of this series of articles is devoted to the initial development of the theory of generalized repeat space for a study of the correlation between the structure and properties in molecules having many identical moieties. An element of generaliz...

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