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Author:Judy Pate , Anna Morgan‐Thomas , Phillip Beaumont
Data Source:[J].Human Resource Management Journal, 2012, Vol.22 (2), pp.148-164Wiley
Abstract:This article advances discussions surrounding the extent to which senior management can rebuild damaged trust relationships in a context where the founding principle of respect had been contravened. More specifically, our article is concerned with a senior management team's ...
Author:Judy Pate , Phillip Beaumont , Gwilym Pryce
Data Source:[J].VINE: The journal of information and knowledge management systems, 2009, Vol.39 (4), pp.319-338Emerald
Abstract:Purpose(#br) – This paper aims to investigate the relationship between organisational identification and identification with work group and profession for knowledge workers. The literature points to two competing standpoints, first, a compatible relationship between focal po...
Author:Judy Pate , Phillip Beaumont , Sandra Stewart
Data Source:[J].Employee Relations, 2007, Vol.29 (5), pp.458-468Emerald
Abstract:Purpose(#br) – The purpose of this paper is to examine the important issue of trust in senior management in the public sector. More specifically, the research aims to explore to what extent has there been a downward spiral of trust in public sector senior management in the e...
Author:Judy Pate , Phillip Beaumont
Data Source:[J].Employee Relations, 2010, Vol.32 (2), pp.171-183Emerald
Abstract:Purpose(#br) – This paper aims to examine an attempt by an organisation to address the significant problem of bullying and harassment. In doing so the paper particularly centres on the question of how the relative success of bullying and harassment policies might be measured...

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