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Author:Robert A. Reber , Jerry A. Wallin
Data Source:[J].Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 1983, Vol.5 (2), pp.69-78Taylor & Francis
Abstract:This investigation attempted to demonstrate directly the relationship between a behavioral measure of safety and occupational injury rates. Behaviorally specific safety rules were written for 12 departments (n = 107 employees) of a farm machinery manufacturing company. Trained ob...
Author:Robert A. Reber , Jerry A. Wallin , Jagdeep S. Chhokar
Data Source:[J].Human Performance, 1990, Vol.3 (1), pp.51-61Taylor & Francis
Abstract:The effects of training, goal setting, and feedback to improve occupational safety are shown. The results essentially replicate those of previous research demonstrating the success of a behavioral approach to safety. The study emphasizes the necessity of feedback in relation to g...
Author:Zhiwei Zhu , Jerry A. Wallin , Robert A. Reber
Data Source:[J].Journal of Applied Management Studies, 2000, Vol.9 (1), pp.135-140Taylor & Francis
Abstract:This investigation demonstrates the usefulness of behaviour modification techniques in improving safety in the offshore oil drilling industry. It was conducted on three drilling rigs working in the Gulf of Mexico. Data were collected using one rig for control with interventions o...
Author:Robert A. Reber , Jerry A. Wallin , David L. Duhon
Data Source:[J].Public Personnel Management, 1993, Vol.22 (2), pp.301-311Sage国际出版集团
Abstract:Occupational safety remains a concern for virtually every organization. Recently, the attention has focused on that employees do (or fail to do) that may be a primary cause of an industrial accident and injury. This article outlines the authors' experiences with a behavioral appr...
Author:Robert A. Reber , Jerry A. Wallin
Data Source:[J].The Academy of Management Journal, 1984, Vol.27 (3), pp.544-560JSTOR
Abstract:This study demonstrated the benefits of providing knowledge of results (KR) in addition to goal setting in a strategy to improve occupational safety in a farm machinery manufacturing firm. An analysis of variance (in a 56-week long multiple baseline investigation) revealed positi...

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