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Author:... Carissa Reason , Robert Coles , Michael Rasheed
Data Source:[J].Journal of Biosciences(IF 1.759), 2015, Vol.40 (2), pp.389-398Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)A recent paper inferred that all seagrass in Cairns Harbour, tropical north-eastern Australia, had undergone ‘complete and catastrophic loss’ as a result of tropical cyclone Yasi in 2011. While we agree with the concern expressed, we would like to correct the su...
Author:Robert Coles , Miguel D. Fortes ...
Data Source:[J].Marine Pollution Bulletin(IF 2.531), 2014, Vol.83 (2), pp.408-416Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Seagrass systems of the Western Pacific region are biodiverse habitats, providing vital services to ecosystems and humans over a vast geographic range. SeagrassNet is a worldwide monitoring program that collects data on seagrass habitats, including the ten locations ...
Author:Robert Coles , Ewa Cairns
Data Source:[J].Arthritis & Rheumatism(IF 7.477), 2013, Vol.65 (6), pp.1439-1447Wiley
Abstract:Objective(#br)First‐degree relatives (FDRs) of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients sharing genetic and environmental risk factors for RA may represent a pre‐RA state. Since anti–cyclic citrullinated protein/peptide antibodies (ACPAs) appear years before the onset of RA, ...
Author:Robert Coles
Data Source:[J].The Lancet(IF 39.06), 1997, Vol.349 (9059), pp.1181-1181Elsevier
Author:Robert Coles
Data Source:[J].The Lancet(IF 39.06), 1998, Vol.351 (9116), pp.1666-1667Elsevier
Author:Meryl J. Williams , Robert Coles , Jurgenne H. Primavera
Data Source:[J].Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science(IF 2.324), 2006, Vol.71 (3), pp.364-367Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)When tropical cyclone Larry crossed the Queensland coast on 20 March 2006, commercial, recreational and naval vessels in the port of Cairns, 60 km north of the eye of the cyclone and others closer to the eye, were protected from the destructive winds by sheltering in...
Author:Robert Coles , Gerard P. Hodgkinson
Data Source:[J].Risk Analysis(IF 2.278), 2008, Vol.28 (1), pp.81-93Wiley
Abstract:As organizations become increasingly reliant on information technology (IT) they are exposed to a growing number of risks. Surprisingly, however, very few studies to date have investigated the psychometric representation of IT risks, and none have been undertaken in the work...

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