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Author:Sunday Onyekwere Eze , Obinwa Ernest
Data Source:[J].Communications in Applied Sciences, 2014, Vol.2 (1)Infinity Press
Abstract:The Phytochemical and Nutrient evaluation of the leaves and fruits of Naulcea latifolia (Uvuru-ilu) was undertaken because of the wide application of the plant in ethnomedicine. Ethanolic extracts of the plant parts were analysed for their phytochemicals, proximate composition in...
Author:Sunday Onyekwere Eze , Magret Uloma Otisi
Data Source:[J].Asian Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences, 2015, Vol.4 (3)Leena and Luna International Pvt Limited
Abstract:Dry season analysis of the Usumang stream at Amogudu Abiriba in Ohafia Local Government Area, Abia State, Nigeria was investigated at six stations which were Isi Usumang Amogudu I, Usumang 2, Isiafara Orunta Usumang Amogudu I, Isiafara Orunta Usumang Amogudu 2, Usumang Amamb...

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