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Author:Stanisław Noga , Roman Bogacz , Tadeusz Markowski
Data Source:[J].Journal of Sound and Vibration(IF 1.613), 2014, Vol.333 (24), pp.6706-6722Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)The free in-plane vibrations of circular rings with wheel-plates as generalised elastic foundations are studied using analytical methods and numerical simulations. The three-parameter Winkler elastic layer is proposed as a mathematical model of the foundation. T...
Author:Tadeusz Markowski
Data Source:[J].Journal of Cleaner Production(IF 3.398), 1993, Vol.1 (1), pp.57-58CrossRef
Author:Michał Batsch , Tadeusz Markowski , Wojciech Homik
Data Source:[J].Solid State Phenomena, 2015, Vol.4077 (236), pp.26-30Trans Tech
Abstract:Paper presents the method for obtaining maximum contact pressure of Novikov gears. Described surface strength calculation method is based on Hertz theory of two bodies being in point contact. What’s more the influence of gear position errors on maximum contact stresses has b...
Author:Wojciech Homik , Tadeusz Markowski
Data Source:[J].Solid State Phenomena, 2015, Vol.4077 (236), pp.78-84Trans Tech
Abstract:The problem of damping of torsional vibrations of the crankshaft in a multi-cylinder engine is very important from the point of view of durability and reliability of the drive unit of the vessel or ship. Mostly dependent on the technical state of the torsional vibration damper th...
Author:Tadeusz Markowski
Data Source:[J].disP - The Planning Review, 1997, Vol.33 (130), pp.40-46Taylor & Francis
Abstract:This paper on the development of Polish urban system is composed of two parts. The first one is devoted to a presentation of the urban system structure and of its present level of development. In the second part of his paper the author deals with the problems which urban planning...
Author:Tadeusz MARKOWSKI , Michał BATSCH
Data Source:[J].Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport, 2016, Vol.90SUT
Abstract:Article presents mathematical model of form machining of cylindrical convexo-concave Novikov gear teeth by means of disk-type tools. Example of these king of tools is disk-type milling cutter or grinding wheel. Moreover based on the given convex and concave tooth geometry the too...

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