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Author:Diana Šimić Penava , Domagoj Damjanović , Tanja Ilijaš
Data Source:[J].Transactions of FAMENA(IF 0.232), 2016, Vol.39 (4)Hrcak
Abstract:The behaviour of thin-walled Z-section beam subjected to gravity load for different variants of lateral restraints is analyzed. For the basic variant of the laterally restrained beam the one defined in Eurocode 3 (EN 1993-1-3:2006) is taken. The Z-section beam which is laterally ...
Author:Diana Šimić Penava , Ana Radić , Tanja Ilijaš
Data Source:[J].Transactions of FAMENA(IF 0.232), 2014, Vol.38 (2)Hrcak
Abstract:The paper analyzes the elastic stability of steel thin-walled C-and Z-cross-section beams without lateral restraints. Firstly, mechanical properties of the beams material (steel) are determined by testing standard specimens in a laboratory. Based on the obtained data, the stabili...
Author:Diana Šimić , Tanja Ilijaš
Data Source:[J].Transactions of FAMENA, 2013, Vol.36 (4)Hrcak
Abstract:In order to determine the real state of stress in a reinforced concrete truss and to determine the impact of restraint rods in the truss nodes on the stress in the beam, a theoretical and an experimental analysis of stress in reinforced concrete truss were conducted. The analytic...

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