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Author:Teck-Yong Eng
Data Source:[J].Technovation(IF 3.177), 2005, Vol.26 (5), pp.682-686Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Mobile supply chain management (mSCM) is fast gaining recognition as a major source of cost reduction and supply chain performance. However, there is little published academic literature on the application and implementation of mobile and/or wireless technology in SC...
Author:Teck-Yong Eng , Veronica Wong
Data Source:[J].Technovation(IF 3.177), 2004, Vol.26 (7), pp.761-769Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)This article explores the theoretical explanations of governance mechanisms in vertical coordination between firms over the product life cycle stages with reference to the high-technology industry. Firms in the high-tech industry face uncertainties of fast-changing e...
Author:Jung-Yoon Kim , Veronica Wong , Teck-Yong Eng
Data Source:[J].Technovation(IF 3.177), 2004, Vol.25 (9), pp.1001-1015Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Based on a cross-industry sample of 103 Korean manufacturers, this study examines the role of new product development proficiencies for platform and derivative projects. The results of this study show that companies pursuing a higher degree of platform-based product ...
Author:Teck-Yong Eng , Sena Ozdemir
Data Source:[J].Industrial Marketing Management, 2014, Vol.43 (1), pp.32-44Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Although cross-functional integration is important for research and development (R&D), research about implications of cross-functional integration has been rather sparse. In new product development (NPD), no study to date has examined intrafirm as well as interf...
Author:Kholoud Mohsen , Teck-Yong Eng
Data Source:[J].Journal of Business Research, 2016, Vol.69 (12), pp.5946-5955Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)As the gap between accelerating rate of change and organizational capability in responding to it widens, managers face increasing challenges to coordinate and align diverse intra-firm functions. Although coordination across functions in an organization is necess...
Author:Reza Zaefarian , Teck-Yong Eng , Misagh Tasavori
Data Source:[J].International Business Review, 2016, Vol.25 (1), pp.333-345Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)This research examines how family firms identify international opportunities. Family firms are characterised by long-term orientation, being risk averse, and benefiting from familiness capital, resources and capabilities related to family involvement and interac...
Author:Teck-Yong Eng
Data Source:[J].Technovation(IF 3.177), 2006, Vol.26 (5-6), pp.682-686CrossRef
Author:Gordon Liu , Teck-Yong Eng , Wai-Wai Ko
Data Source:[J].Journal of Business Ethics, 2013, Vol.115 (3), pp.469-487Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Previous research on corporate community involvement (CCI) initiatives indicates that such behaviour is critical for building neighbourhood relationships and extending corporate influence in the community, but there is little theoretical work that provides a clear pi...

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