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Author:Walter E. Block , William Barnett
Data Source:[J].Journal of Business Ethics, 2017, Vol.142 (2), pp.313-323Springer
Abstract:The present article is a continuation of the debate two sets of authors (Bagus and Howden vs. Barnett and Block) have been engaging in regarding one type of maturity mismatching: borrowing short and lending long (BSLL). All four authors had agreed that this practice can set up th...
Author:Walter E. Block
Data Source:[J].Journal of Philosophical Economics, 2015, Vol.VIII (2), pp.43-65DOAJ
Abstract:According to libertarian law, upon what occasions may aperson’s private property rights in goods, commodities, in himself, bealienated from him? The present paper is an attempt to wrestle with thisquestion. We consider abandonment, punishment, salvage, misplacement,liberatio...
Author:Jay Mukherjee , Walter E. Block
Data Source:[J].Las Torres de Lucca, 2015, Vol.1 (1), pp.83-99DOAJ
Abstract:Catholics and libertarians make strange bedfellows. They sharply disagree on many issues. However, when it comes to intellectual property rights, they are surprisingly congruent, albeit for different reasons. The present paper traces out the agreement on patents between these two...
Author:Walter E. Block
Data Source:[J].Las Torres de Lucca, 2013, (3), pp.35-72DOAJ
Abstract:Libertarians and non libertarians alike agree that counterfeiting legitimate money owned by innocent people is illicit. But what about counterfeiting counterfeit money owned by the guiltless? Davidson and I, both libertarians, take the position that this would be a rights vi...
Author:William Barnett II , Walter E. Block
Data Source:[J].Journal of Philosophical Economics, 2013, Vol.VI (2)DOAJ
Abstract:The present paper is an exploration of the economics of subjectivism and opportunity or alternative costs. Most contemporary economists pay lip service to these concepts, but when push comes to shove, all too often they jettison them. We shall illustrate this lapse from basi...

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