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Author:Nicholas Apergis , Yannis Georgellis
Data Source:[J].Regional Studies, 2018, Vol.52 (9), pp.1283-1293Taylor & Francis
Abstract:ABSTRACT(#br)This study investigates the relationship between unemployment and employee loyalty across UK regions. It is argued that higher regional unemployment depresses wages and increases the cost of a potential job loss, thus providing an incentive for employees to be loyal ...
Author:Nicholas Apergis , Yannis Georgellis
Data Source:[J].Journal of Happiness Studies, 2015, Vol.16 (1), pp.67-76Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Using the Phillips and Sul (Econometrica 75:1771–1855, 2007 ) club convergence and clustering procedure, we examine happiness convergence dynamics across Europe. Although we reject the hypothesis of full convergence, we find evidence of distinct happiness conver...
Author:Yannis Georgellis , Thomas Lange , Vurain Tabvuma
Data Source:[J].Journal of Vocational Behavior, 2012, Vol.80 (2), pp.464-473Elsevier
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Employing fixed effects regression techniques on longitudinal data, we investigate how life events affect employees' job satisfaction. Unlike previous work–life research, exploring mostly contemporaneous correlations, we look for evidence of adaptation in the ye...
Author:Yannis Georgellis
Data Source:[J].Applied Economics Letters, 1996, Vol.3 (4), pp.217-219Taylor & Francis
Abstract:Based on UK data, this study uses parametric and non-parametric hazard models to assess the significance of pre-marital cohabitation in affecting patterns of first marriage durations.
Author:Yannis Georgellis , Howard J. Wall
Data Source:[J].International Review of Applied Economics, 2005, Vol.19 (3), pp.321-342Taylor & Francis
Abstract:This paper examines the factors that influence transitions into self-employment, paying particular attention to gender differences. We find that: (i) men are more responsive to the wage differential between wage/salaried employment and self-employment; (ii) liquidity constraints ...
Author:Yannis Georgellis , Howard J. Wall
Data Source:[J].Applied Economics, 1992, Vol.24 (10), pp.1139-1145Taylor & Francis
Abstract:The effect of the dependent tax exemption on the fertility rate in the United States is estimated. The estimation is an improvement on previous work in that a non-linear specification is used to better capture the shape of the demand for children. It is found that the marginal ef...
Author:Yannis Georgellis
Data Source:[J].Applied Economics, 1994, Vol.26 (8), pp.827-830Taylor & Francis
Abstract:Critics of the standard Dickey-Fuller and augmented Dickey-Fuller tests for unit roots argue that when there have been significant structural breaks during the sample period, these tests are often biased toward acceptance. Allowing for a one-time change in the slope of the trend ...
Author:Yannis Georgellis , Thomas Lange
Data Source:[J].The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2007, Vol.18 (6), pp.969-985Taylor & Francis
Abstract:A number of studies in the human resources literature acknowledge the importance of workplace training for inducing organizational commitment on the part of workers. However, small sample sizes and the absence of relevant panel data have raised concerns about the general validity...

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