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Author:Yazeed Abdul Mumin , Yazidu Ustarz , Ibrahim Yakubu
Data Source:[J].Journal of Business Administration and Education, 2014, Vol.5 (2)Infinity Press
Abstract:Automated Teller Machine (ATM) packages of banks in Ghana have operated for a very long time without full exploration of all essential functions of the facility and this has baffled the minds of the public and other decision makers about the effect of ATM operations on custo...
Author:Yazeed Abdul Mumin , Ditchfield Precious Kwaku Amegashie , Akwasi Mensah-Bonsu
Data Source:[J].Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 2012科学、技术和教育国际协会
Abstract:This study looked at the factors influencing the output of seed cotton in the Northern region of Ghana. Basically, 200 cotton farmers were interviewed and multi-stage random sampling was used in the selection of cotton farmers. The analytical technique used in the study is t...
Author:Yazeed Abdul Mumin , Paul Kwame Nkegbe , Naasegnibe Kuunibe
Data Source:[J].Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, 2012科学、技术和教育国际协会
Abstract:The increasing concern of banks about market share and customer equity in the light of unpredictable behaviour of customers has brought to the fore the pre-eminence of customer loyalty. This underscored the analysis of customers’ loyalty to banks in Ghana. This study fitted ...
Author:Paul Kwame Nkegbe , Yazeed Abdul Mumin
Data Source:[J].Int. J. of Economics and Business Research, 2014, Vol.8 (3), pp.272-295Inderscience 出版公司
Abstract:The relationship between inflation and interest rate has remained controversial in Ghana and this called for the investigation into the trends and causal links between the two variables. Monthly observations from 1995 to 2011 were used for analyses of trends, causality, cointegra...
Author:Naasegnibe Kuunibe , Paul Kwame Nkegbe , Yazeed Abdul Mumin
Data Source:[J].Developing Country Studies, 2012科学、技术和教育国际协会
Abstract:Reproductive health is an essential part of general health that it sets the stage for health beyond the reproductive years and also affects the health of the next generation. In many developing countries, however, the availability as well as the consumption of reproductive health...

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