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Author:Yazeed Abdul Mumin , Yazidu Ustarz , Ibrahim Yakubu
Data Source:[J].Journal of Business Administration and Education, 2014, Vol.5 (2)Infinity Press
Abstract:Automated Teller Machine (ATM) packages of banks in Ghana have operated for a very long time without full exploration of all essential functions of the facility and this has baffled the minds of the public and other decision makers about the effect of ATM operations on custo...
Author:Issahaku Haruna , Paul Kwame Nkegbe , Yazidu Ustarz
Data Source:[J].Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 2012科学、技术和教育国际协会
Abstract:Marketing of agricultural products especially tomato has been a vocation for most women in Ghana, but little attention has been given to the marketing efficiency of tomato. The study analysed the efficiency of marketing system of tomatoes in Pwalugu in the Upper East Region of Gh...

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