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Author:Dirk Lindebaum , Deanna Geddes , Yiannis Gabriel
Data Source:[J].Journal of Business Ethics, 2017, Vol.141 (4), pp.645-656Springer
Abstract:The aim of our special issue is to deepen our understanding of the role moral emotions play in organisations as part of a wider discourse on organisational ethics and morality. Unethical workplace behaviours can have far-reaching consequences—job losses, risks to life and he...
Author:Yiannis Gabriel
Data Source:[J].International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 2015, Vol.4 (9), pp.617-619DOAJ
Abstract:The absence of compassion, argues the author, is not the cause of healthcare failures but rather a symptom of deeper systemic failures. The clinical encounter arouses strong emotions of anxiety, fear, and anger in patients which are often projected onto the clinicians. Attempts t...
Author:Eda Ulus , Yiannis Gabriel
Data Source:[J].Culture and Organization, 2018, Vol.24 (3), pp.221-243Taylor & Francis
Abstract:This paper makes a contribution to the study of emotions in organizations by offering a systematic juxtaposition and cross-fertilization of psychoanalytic and social constructionist approaches. These two traditions have found it hard to communicate in the past when addressing org...
Author:Amy L. Fraher , Yiannis Gabriel
Data Source:[J].Journal of Management Studies, 2014, Vol.51 (6), pp.926-951Wiley
Abstract:Abstract(#br)This article analyses the effects of job loss on the occupational identities of a group of U nited S tates pilots, laid off (or ‘furloughed’) twice by their employer in the decade following 9/11. Using a narrative methodology, the paper examines how the childhoo...

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