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Author:Rebecca Adami
Data Source:[J].International Journal of Ethics Education, 2017, Vol.2 (1), pp.37-47Springer
Abstract:School and education can be seen as an extension of the home as Hannah Arendt stresses, where children are protected in a space in which they can learn and grow, a space that is not yet public. This distinction of education as “not yet public” can be seen in contrast to John...
Author:Richard S. Simmons , Robin S. Snell
Data Source:[J].International Journal of Ethics Education, 2018, Vol.3 (1), pp.47-66Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)This study investigates the relationships among Machiavellianism, attitudes towards the perceived importance of corporate ethics and social responsibility (CESR), referred to here as PRESOR attitudes, and certain attitudes toward environmental responsibility, i....
Author:Leila Afshar , Seyed Ziaedin Tabei , Mohammad Hosseinzade
Data Source:[J].International Journal of Ethics Education, 2018, Vol.3 (1), pp.89-99Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)Program evaluation in education is a process for investigating the strength and weakness of on educational program. Instructors and teacher will find the point for improvement in the program and this process will led to reach the expected outcomes of education. ...
Author:Peter Admirand
Data Source:[J].International Journal of Ethics Education, 2018, Vol.3 (1), pp.75-88Springer
Abstract:Abstract(#br)This article is about a beautiful book by a not so beautiful (racist, in fact) author, Forrest Carter’s The Education of Little Tree (1976). I will first reflect on the usually fraught (and sometimes cosy) relationship of literature and morality. I then will giv...

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