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Author:Arief Rijanto
Data Source:[J].Journal of General Management, 2018, Vol.43 (2), pp.79-88Sage国际出版集团
Abstract:Both corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and donation-based crowdfunding have potential synergistic effects to generate funds, but fundraisers face competition and challenges to achieve their donation target. For instance, on the one hand, CSR initiatives may cr...
Author:Marina O Latukha
Data Source:[J].Journal of General Management, 2018, Vol.43 (2), pp.51-62Sage国际出版集团
Abstract:The study investigates talent development (TD) as a part of human resource management (HRM) using the emerging market context and its influence on a company’s performance in Russian companies. Attention is paid to the analysis of TD programs that are used to develop talent i...
Author:Mark Fotohabadi , Louise Kelly
Data Source:[J].Journal of General Management, 2018, Vol.43 (2), pp.70-78Sage国际出版集团
Abstract:The relation between authentic leadership (AL) and conflict management is a topic that has not been extensively researched and merits further empirical examination. In this study, two hypotheses were tested: first, whether AL is positively correlated with active constructive...
Author:Stephen Drew
Data Source:[J].Journal of General Management, 2018, Vol.43 (2), pp.49-50Sage国际出版集团
Author:Keith Glanfield , Anna-Lena Ackfeldt , TC Melewar
Data Source:[J].Journal of General Management, 2018, Vol.43 (2), pp.63-69Sage国际出版集团
Abstract:General managers are presented with an extensive opportunity to innovate and gain market advantage from front-line employees (FLEs) and consumers working together to exchange services and co-create value. To do this, general managers need to understand more about what influe...
Author:Bettina Lis
Data Source:[J].Journal of General Management, 2018, Vol.43 (3), pp.106-114Sage国际出版集团
Abstract:While most studies of corporate social responsibility (CSR) have been conducted at the firm level, there is a nascent interest in research at the individual, particularly the employee, level of analysis. However, the extant literature has revealed that the effect of CSR on organi...
Author:Hadyn Bennett , Martin McCracken , Paula O’Kane
Data Source:[J].Journal of General Management, 2018, Vol.43 (3), pp.115-125Sage国际出版集团
Abstract:This article reports on the management and outcomes of a radical change programme within a public sector agency. The findings reveal a significant divergence between management and employee experiences of the change process and significant differences in outcome perceptions....
Author:Okechukwu E Amah
Data Source:[J].Journal of General Management, 2018, Vol.43 (3), pp.126-138Sage国际出版集团
Abstract:This study utilized social consistency and social exchange theories to propose leadership motivation and self-concept variables as possible antecedents of servant leadership (SL). This is a departure from two past studies which established the leader’s behaviour, experience ...

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