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Author:Wolfgang Andreae
Data Source:[J].European State Aid Law Quarterly, 2015, Vol.14 (3), pp.305-305lexxion
Author:Laura Parret
Data Source:[J].European State Aid Law Quarterly, 2015, Vol.14 (3), pp.309-311lexxion
Author:Marko Maček
Data Source:[J].European State Aid Law Quarterly, 2015, Vol.14 (3), pp.311-315lexxion
Author:Sara Gobbato
Data Source:[J].European State Aid Law Quarterly, 2015, Vol.14 (3), pp.316-317lexxion
Author:Edoardo Traversa , Alessandra Flamini
Data Source:[J].European State Aid Law Quarterly, 2015, Vol.14 (3), pp.323-331lexxion
Abstract:This article illustrates how the use of the State aid control instrument to fight against harmful tax competition evolved during the last eighteen years. All the major steps of this story are presented: from the parallel genesis of a Code of Conduct for business Taxation and of t...
Author:Péter Staviczky
Data Source:[J].European State Aid Law Quarterly, 2015, Vol.14 (3), pp.332-339lexxion
Abstract:Selectivity is an evergreen topic of the State aid jurisprudence and related legal literature. The European Courts have dealt with this issue in great detail regularly. Following the landmark judgments of the recent years the method to establish whether a measure is selective or ...
Author:Sarah Blazek , Robin van der Hout
Data Source:[J].European State Aid Law Quarterly, 2015, Vol.14 (3), pp.340-344lexxion
Abstract:The article examines the judgments of the EU General Court in two parallel cases in the field of fiscal State aid. The cases concern the Irish air travel tax, which was charged to airline operators for every passenger departing from an Irish airport. The judgments provide some fu...

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